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Using on Linux

All the features of Invoker has been tested to work with various versions of Ubuntu (which includes - kubuntu, xubuntu etc), ArchLinux and Fedora Linux. Contributions for making it work on other distros are more than welcome.

On Linux - Invoker uses dnsmasq and rinetd for DNS and port forwarding respectively. Same as setup on OSX, you can start Invoker setup by running command:

~> sudo invoker setup

Above command will install and configure all the dependencies correctly, so as using Invoker can be as painless as possible.


On Linux machines - sudo does not preserve path and hence I recommend adding following alias:

alias sudo='sudo env PATH=$PATH'

before running sudo invoker setup. If you are using rvm, you should use rvmsudo. See Using with rvm, rbenv or chruby section for more information.