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1. Does Invoker work with pow?

On OSX - If you have already installed pow, Invoker will have a conflict with it. You will be prompted to overwrite pow setup with Invoker. You should uninstall pow before running Invoker setup.

If DNS does not work after running invoker setup. Try turning wi-fi on and off.

2. How do I undo Invoker setup?

Short answer - you can just run sudo invoker uninstall or manually depending on your operating system:

a. On OSX - you have to first remove DNS resolver file in /etc/resolver/dev and then firewall rule that port forwards incoming requests on port 80 and 443 to another port.

You can remove Invoker setup by removing /etc/resolver/dev and by running sudo launchctl unload -w com.codemancers.invoker.firewall.plist. Finally remove this file /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.codemancers.invoker.firewall.plist. Don’t forget to restart your machine after removing firewall files.

b. On Linux - you can first uninstall dnsmasq and rinetd packages and after that you can remove following files:

  • `/etc/dnsmasq.d/dev-tld`
  • `/etc/rinetd.conf`

Additionally you can also delete Invoker configuration file from $HOME/.invoker.

3. How do I use Invoker with pry?

Try using something like pry-remote